HAVE YOU EVER wanted beautiful boudoir-style photos of yourself but maybe felt a bit too shy, or self conscious about revealing too much?

Then you will absolutely LOVE my DEMURE BOUDOIR Photography Sessions!

What is Demure Boudoir Photography?

It's a style of women's portraiture that is not too risqué but still Celebrates, Flaunts, and Flatters every woman - no matter her shape or size.

You can show as much, or as little, as you want...it's entirely up to you, and what you feel comfortable with. At Christina Catherine Photography the focus is more on the female form, with clever posing, and the use of garments that show just enough. 

Great care is taken to make your experience a comfortable one so you are confident with how you are portrayed in your photos.

TOP Reasons to treat yourself to a Demure Boudoir Photo Session:

  • Feel empowered in your own skin
  • Boost your confidence in yourself
  • Honor your beauty & femininity
  • Celebrate a milestone
  • Exist in photographs
  • See yourself in a brand new way
  • An intimate gift for someone special