PAULA - The Power of Refreshing Your Profile Picture on Social Media

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I find that many of my female photography clients who are age 40 and up have a unique commonality between them.

Often they are going through some sort of major change or transition in their lives. Whether that be in their personal relationships with their spouse or children, or professionally such as starting a new career.

Paula is venturing into a new career after many years as a school teacher. Her new business, as an entrepreneur, is with Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards is a wonderful greeting card and gift mailing service that is great to use in business to keep in touch with your clients, or just to use personally to stay connected to your loved ones.

To kick-start her new venture, Paula was looking for Personal Branding images to use in social media, and on her website, to help promote her business services.

At her photo shoot we captured several looks for a wide variety of uses, and lots of different poses and expressions that would really let her personality shine through. That way, anyone viewing her images, (including potential clients), would know right away how kind, warm, and sincere she is - and might even make a decision to do business with her.

As the old saying goes... "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The image you see above was the first photo Paula posted online on Facebook from her photo session. In only TWO DAYS she received over 300 likes and 150 comments on this post!

Every single person in her social network on Facebook was reminded again of Paula, and her Send Out Card services, simply by seeing this new profile picture. :D

Changing your social media profile picture (once a month, or at least once each season) is something I recommend to ALL of my professional Business Portrait clients.

It is one of the MOST POWERFUL (and easiest) marketing strategies you can implement online. After all, everyone LOVES to click that Like button and give praise!

If you are sensitive to receiving attention it may feel overwhelming to receive all that praise, and all those compliments, at first. But as a business-person you must focus on your main objective, which is to grow your business.

And the only way you can do that effectively is to make sure you're standing out from your competition, and getting noticed!

So whether it is your business page, or your personal page where you may also have potential clients, changing your profile picture on a regular basis will help keep you and your business services Top-Of-Mind to your followers.

And - a nice side benefit - all of that activity on your social media pages helps you perform better in Google's organic search engine rankings as well!

Try it yourself, and see what happens... ;-)

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