JENNIFER - The Power of Refreshing Your Profile Picture on Social Media

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I recently had the honor and privilege of photographing an old friend of mine. Jennifer and I used to work together many years ago, and this past year we reconnected.

Jennifer now owns her own company, JR Social Conduit, specializing in Social Media Marketing Management and Promotion for businesses in every industry.

She knows very well the the value in posting relevant content to all your social media platforms on a regular basis. The more you post, the more eyes stay on you and your business.

But sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to post on social media that will get lots of attention on your page.

It's a fact that the more your fans like and comment on your posts the more exposure and reach your social media page will get.

The more people that see your page, the better your chances are of gaining new clients, and NEW BUSINESS!

The goal of social media (especially for business) is to have as many people interact with your posts as possible so that your page automatically gets boosted organically, without having to pay ad fees.

One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by changing your portfolio picture out regularly.

People love to give compliments - and whenever you change out your profile picture you will create a TON of engagement on your page from all your fans who can't help but comment on your new image.

The photo here of Jennifer's post is a great example of this effect at work. She posted her new photo to her Facebook page late on a Friday afternoon, and by Sunday it had over 350 likes and more than 130 comments. In only two days!! This one post alone brought SO much attention to her and her business!

When you post an amazing professional portrait of yourself your fans will come out in droves to be sure and let you know how much they LOVE IT! This is a HUGE advantage when it comes to getting seen and noticed online! :D

My recommendation is to refresh all your social media profile pictures at least once a month so that your pages will continue to reappear in your fans' feeds on a regular basis. This keeps you and your business at the top of their minds for whenever they may want or need your services.

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