The Power of Portrait Photography

before and after portrait photography transformation

As women, we love taking photographs of our children, our pets, our family, and friends - but all too often we forget (or neglect) to include ourselves in those photos.

We may take the occasional selfie, and think that's enough - after all, who needs a professional portrait of themselves...?

We may even feel uncomfortable at the thought of spending money on something like this, and what would we do with a bunch of photos of ourselves, anyway?

I am here to tell you - a beautiful portrait of yourself will transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

Fotini came to the studio feeling under the weather, but was so uplifted by the time she left that day.

Just read these comments from Fotini as she describes her experience from her photo shoot, and become a believer in the power of portrait photography for yourself!

>>What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
> Favorite part was the photographer making me feel special
>>What was your initial reaction to seeing your photos at the reveal?
> Amazing! Did not think I looked so pretty. 

>>What positive effects, if any, did you experience after your photo shoot?
> Made me rethink how people see me. I went in feeling sick, tired and unseen. When I left, I felt as I can hold my head up and let people see me, as Christina did. 

I was especially touched when Fotini said the photo shoot 'made her rethink how people see her'.

It's so true that we sometimes have an image of ourselves in our own minds as to how we are perceived by others. Often we focus on the negative, or all the flaws we think we have.

Those negative thoughts can sometimes affect how we treat ourselves, how we interact with others, and can keep us from fully experiencing the joys in life.

Don't let another day go by without thinking about how the gift of a Portrait Photo Shoot could be your own life-affirming, and life-changing experience.