SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Photo & Video Packages for Business Branding

When running a business you wear dozens of hats - producing relevant Social Media content regularly to promote your brand is often one of the many tasks that get overlooked.

Imagine having new and fresh images to post online every single day of the month dedicated to helping you create Brand Awareness as well as Educate, Entice and Attract new and repeat customers to your business.

In today's competitive marketplace your presence on Social Media is SO important! But, how do you stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from the competition?

As a professional photographer with over 20 years of business marketing experience, I know what it takes to get your product and service SEEN and NOTICED.

The goal is to get as many eyes on you and your business as possible. This helps elevate your brand and keeps you 'top-of-mind' so that when your product and services are needed YOU are the first business customers think to contact.

My Professional Social Media Packages are affordable and customized to accommodate your business's unique needs and visibility goals.

You'll receive a great variety of web-optimized, ready-to-post images taken on-site at your business location. Simply post one image (or set up an auto-scheduler to post) every day throughout the month and get your name, products, and services recognized among your ideal target market.

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