Rediscovering Her Beauty

Beautiful Meghna -

It was absolutely my honor and privilege to be able to photograph this incredible woman! Her strength, confidence and joy was an inspiration to me throughout the photo shoot. I love that she is owning and celebrating her beauty. It makes me so happy to have been a part of her journey, and for the chance to show her how beautiful she already was.

beauty glamour portraits for women

"I was so moved... at first, I could NOT believe that the photos were of me! I cried... I felt that the woman in the photographs was far too beautiful, strong, sexy, and confident to be me! 🤣😂.

Christina captured exactly that which I failed to see.

Her "magic" is her ability to show her subjects who they are. (Perhaps even how others view them).

Christina's work is nothing shy of phenomenal! She is an amazing person with a gift that touches people's lives in the most positive way imaginable." ~ Meghna

ethnic cultural portraits for women

"Thank you, Christina! Thank you for your compassion and kindness. Your gift to women is priceless-- you capture a perspective of our souls which we fail to see otherwise. It takes an incredibly BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND INTELLIGENT human being to do what you do. I was merely your subject that you brought to life in a light that I would never see myself as otherwise. Thank you for capturing a "beauty" in me that I can now be proud of to share with my children. They.. and they alone... are my driving force to be all that I can be! With your help, my confidence is in full drive! I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. I will be back to see you again later this year-- a mother-daughter photoshoot is in order." ~Meghna