Learning to Love Her Smile

before and after

During our initial phone consultation Gabi shared that she was a bit self conscious about her smile. She said she always preferred photographs of herself where she wasn't smiling.

But as soon as I met her in person, and saw how beautifully her face lit up whenever she smiled, I knew I had to capture as least a few images during her photo shoot where she was smiling.

I was so thrilled so to see how, at her reveal, Gabi was immediately drawn to the images where she was smiling. She even choose the one above as her absolute favorite, and commented that she learned to love her smile thanks to this experience.

Here's what Gabi thought about her photo shoot experience, in her own words...

"I was shocked to like a lot of pics where I'm smiling because I thought I did not have a nice smile. You gave me reassurance that my smile was fine and I ended up liking pics of me smiling! Christina, thank you for making me feel gorgeous! It had been such a long time that I had not seen my outer beauty. Every woman should definitely have a great pics of themselves."