Capturing Mothers in Beautiful Portraits

TO BE A MOTHER is often called the most difficult and thankless job in the world. It is also (in my opinion) one of the MOST rewarding and fulfilling jobs a woman could ever have...

As mothers, when our kids are small, it's easy for us to remember to document their lives in photographs because they change so much, and we want to remember every moment.

Many women, however, forget to include themselves in those images until so many years have past that they are virtually absent from their family's photographic history.

But once our children are grown, we may not think to take that many photos of them anymore, As a result, we as mothers may have even fewer photos of ourselves. Especially if we feel we have changed in a way we don't necessarily want documented (age, weight, etc.)

portrait magazine style photographer for women in los angeles california

Christina Catherine

Portrait Photographer for Women

I firmly believe every woman deserves to be captured for all time in beautiful portraits,

Not only for herself, but for all the people in her life that love her dearly, and want to remember her always.

That's why I absolutely loved photographing Robin and her Mom Phyllis.

I was so honored, and grateful, to be part of helping them both to celebrate their relationship, and document this precious time in their lives with beautiful portraits they (and their family) will cherish forever.