My Favorite 'Un-Powder' Makeup for Portrait Photography

celebrity powder fail, transclucent powder faux paus, makeup disaster

A favorite way of finishing off makeup is to dust a layer of translucent powder all over the face. And while that may be okay advice for everyday makeup, it is not something you want to do when having your picture taken.

Google 'celebrity powder fail' and you'll see lots of images like this. Famous people who walked out onto the red carpet looking beautiful, who no doubt had their makeup applied by a professional. But had no idea that a camera's flash lighting would make the powder on their face look chalky white in photos.

Click that link above for many more examples... ;-)

The purpose of translucent powder is innocent set makeup so it lasts longer, and to reduce shine. So, what's a girl to do if you can't use typical face powder because it reacts badly in photography?

My favorite product for reducing shine, and setting makeup so it lasts (literally!) all day is by Mally Beauty. It's called Face Defender and works beautifully for day-to-day wear as well as photography. (Not affiliate links, fyi).

Face Defender is a product I have worn for years, and absolutely love it for setting my makeup, and taking away shine all day long. For portrait photography it's the perfect solution to avoid the dreaded chalky look.

Here's a video from Mally talking about how to use her unique product, and commenting on the shortcomings of traditional translucent powder: